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How To Hide The Row Index Column In CRM Analytics

So you’ve created a fabulous Values Table in CRM Analytics within a Lens or Widget, but you can’t get rid of the annoying index column (Row Index Column) on the far left-hand side of the table – see the example below.

To get rid of the first number column (Row Index Column) you need to:

  • Select the Formatting icon (which looks like a paint roller) on the right-hand side
  • Scroll down to the bottom option called ‘Other’ from the panel that appears.
  • Untick the ‘Show Row Index Column option
  • Save

A simple tip but it’s not blatantly obvious where this option is hidden away.

Does this look better? You decide.

But the Row Index Column can be very useful to show at times. I like to show it when I’ve created a top Top 10 chart, see the example below. Here I’ve sorted the data descending and changed the Query Limit to 10.

Like the Row Index Column or not, now at least you know where it’s configured.

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