Einstein GPT

Intro to Einstein GPT

I’m a big fan of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help small and medium businesses grow and retain customers. You’d have had to have been on a desert island and not to have heard all the chat about ChatGPT over the past few weeks. That’s why I was delighted to hear Salesforce launch their latest […]

Agile Kanban

How To Use Kanban Display In Salesforce

The Salesforce Kanban view is a visual representation of data in a Kanban board format, which is commonly used in agile project management methodologies. In Salesforce, the Kanban view allows users to organize and track their work items, such as opportunities, cases, leads, or custom objects, in a column-based layout that reflects their stage of […]

Bot Salesforce

How To Get Started With A Salesforce Bot To Support Your Customers

Hello there bot-fans. Have you considered creating a Salesforce bot to help support your customers? It’s a great thing to start with and to build out over time. Customers love it and it takes the pressure off of your staff. What is a Salesforce bot? A Salesforce bot is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered software […]

Admin Personal Settings

Grant Salesforce Support Access To Your Salesforce

For anyone who has a support contact with Salesforce it may become necessary for you to grant the Salesforce Help team with access to your Salesforce environment so that they can take a deeper look at your issue. System Users grant access by themselves. System AdminsĀ can’t login as anotherĀ end User and grant login access to […]

Admin Salesforce

How To Add A SF18ID To A Salesforce Page

In an earlier blog post, I discussed in detail what a SF18ID is and the benefits of telling your users what it is and where it can be found in the Salesforce URL. It’s also a good idea to display the Salesforce ID (SF18ID) on a record page. To do this is very simple, and […]

Podcasts Salesforce

My 3 Favourite Salesforce Podcasts In 2022

Podcasts have been around for many years but have become hugely popular in the past couple of years. I’ve listened to Salesforce podcasts for many years – some are still around and quite a few have disappeared. Podcasts are a great way to learn new skills, develop ideas and gain knowledge whilst lying on the […]

Admin Certification Configuration Salesforce

Do You Like It Comfy Or Compact?

It’s a bit tucked away, but did you know you can easily change the layout of Salesforce pages? And this can be configured by each user? Salesforce allows users to select a Comfy or Compact view of pages. The Comfy view has more white space on the screen and field values are below field labels. […]

Reports Salesforce

How To Create A Nested IF CONTAINS Formula

In Salesforce reports you can create a nested formula using IF and CONTAIN functions to search for different text with a field value, and then create a new column. What on earth does that mean? Let me explain. Let’s say I had a list of UK Account Names and I wanted to identify which Accounts […]

Salesforce Shortcuts

My 5 Favourite Salesforce Shortcuts

Did you know that Salesforce has shortcut keys? These are simple keystrokes that perform useful Salesforce actions. I use shortcuts a lot to work more effectively and efficiently in Salesforce Lightning. Below are my five favourite Salesforce shortcuts that I want to share with you. # Shortcut Command Description 1 e Edit Edit a record. […]

Admin Configuration Reports Salesforce

How To Mass Delete Records, Including Reports

Let’s imagine that you have trained your Salesforce user base to regularly create their own Salesforce reports. It’s great that they can now self-serve and access the data they require through reports. Nonetheless, after some time you may find that users create so many one-off reports that it makes sense to have a tidy-up of […]